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Just about a fully fit squad

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for the first time since early December, with only Bentley (ineligible), and the young loan strikers unavailable for selection.   There can be no more excuses for performances or team selection so what is the 11 you expect to see start at Highbury and what changes would you want to see?  Remember Worthy is not going to park the coach in front of the goal to get a result!

I think Worthy will pick


Helveg   Fleming   Shackell      Drury

Stuart   Holt        Francis       Hux

             Leon   Ashton

Personally I would revert to a 4-2-3-1 formation that did us so well against Bolton at home, with Hux and Jonson supporting Ashton, Stuart to have an advanced central role as an outlet for  when we move forward but becoming a 5 man midfield when we are under pressure (Stuart to be replaced by Bentley once fit again) 


Helveg    Charlton  Shackell   Drury

            Francis     Safri

    Jonson     Stuart     Huckerby 



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ZLF, I''m curious as to why you left out McKenzie?

Much as I''d like to see Charlton and Helveg come in to strengthen the defence at the expense of Fleming and Edworthy it ain''t gonna happen. The season continues to be on the line and Worthy doesn''t have the bottle to change even when it ain''t working.

For me:

GK: Green
RB: Helveg
CB: Doherty
CB: Shackell
LB: Charlton/Drury
CM: Jonson
CM: Francis
CM: Stuart
AMC: Huckerby (playing the floating role behind the front men)
ST: Ashton
ST: McKenzie

Bench: Ward, Charlton/Drury, Holt, McVeigh, Edworthy/Fleming

Sod''s law it''s the same eleven that played so poorly against Bolton even though it screams out for a change.


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I think Worthy will probably pick that team too ZLF.  However, will Helveg be too shattered?  He''s played twice for Denmark this week and will have only flown back to England today and join for training tomorrow.  He might not be picked for Saturday

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I agree Morph that my team will not appear and the one I think will appear is the top one. 

I have dropped Leon purely because I feel the squad we have would operate best with a variation on the 4-5-1 that served us so well in our win over Bolton.

I think it gets our best players on the pitch in positions that suit them best - eg Hux further up the field in a freer role than simply playing wide left, Safri restricted to a defensive role and picking out one of the forward three with his better passing and making himself available for the back 4.  2 players sheilding our defence also gives us a bit more cover for our weakest area of the pitch.

Svenson played that role well against Bolton but is not ready just yet to start, especially as both Leon and Ashton are in form.   Ashton to me would fill that role more effectively than Leon who still shows the lack of touch that costs us too much possession.  Harsh to drop the striker who has 2 goals in 3  but thats life.

For once we have options with all players fit for action - my real challenge is to worthy and whether he has the vision to utilise his best players, now they are fit, and  in the best formation.


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