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Ashton available for just over £2 million?????

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According to various papers and web sites it would appear that Ashton would be available for just over £2 million on the basis that a £2 million bid from Spurs has for the moment been refused.

Most people would agree that our most urgent need is a person who can score goals. Ashton has a consistent goal scoring record over the past couple of seasons and his still young - 21/22 years old?

That being so, for the sake of an extra £1 million over our so called budget of £1.2 million we must push the boat out and make a serious offer before he goes elsewhere.  (The extra £1 million would come from just a couple of Sky matches over and above our guaranteed minumum number of matches so I don''t see why funding is such a problem.)

Equally importantly, should the worse come to the worse and we did get relegated then Ashton has shown that he can score goals in the division that we would need to get out of as quickly as possible.

We have a golden opportunity that we need to grasp before it evaporates....we did it last year with Hucks and we need to do it this year, right here right now, with Ashton

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