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Interesting Bolton Wanderers facts

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They have spent the longest time (of any club) in the top flight without winning the title

Their nickname The Trotters came from the local water supply which used to cause bad stomach ache

The club was originally named after Christ, but that changed when they upset the local vicar who cast them out of the church

They played in three memorable FA cup finals - the first final at Wembley, the legendary Mathews final and in 1958 against what was left of the Busby Babes

Their name the Bolton Wanderers was favoured over Bolton Moses - both due to their habit of moving grounds

The way Boltonians speak is not a speech impediment but is suggested to derive from having to speak over the sound of heavy machinery in the mills

Gary Megson and Bruce Rioch have managed Bolton and City

Up to the First World war many Northern clubs still played in clogs, which could give a nasty injury to their opponents. Hence the term ''a clogger''. Bolton were the last club to have a player playing in clogs

Bolton is Britains largest town

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