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Jet heeled frontman

Apology to Dumbledelia

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I bet you didnt expect this.
Well here it is.
Deep breath.
God that was painful.

I accused you of constantly griping about the team, the board, the manager. On most of it I admit I was wrong. Unfortunately on the day of my post I had read so much negativity written on the site that someone had to get shouted at. Your prediction of a 2-0 or 3-0 defeat at West Ham was the final straw.
The board and manager have at least managed to silence their critics over having no ambition to purchase new players and try to ensure premiership suvival. Hopefully we can copy them and all try to be a little more positive.
"Keep the faith"

Stayin up up up.

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Get it right Jet Heeled !! Wiz, Gazza and Myself are the negative ones !!

Although currently I''m feeling pretty happy and positive.

When DD gets down its time to worry , usually a good judge of general opinion.

Still think we need to get in a couple more players before the end of the transfer window (one loan, one free otherwise they might start asking us to play !!)

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