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Do we have the divine right to be in the Premiership?

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Well what can you say,another disapointing gutless display with crap defending,schoolboy errors,poor tatics,lack of passion,enthusiasam,skill,determination.Just another allround lackluster performance!

We are in the best league in the world (well for another 15 games anyway )and with our performances we do not deserve to be there.Just because im a City supporter doesnt mean to say i have to say different to keep everyone happy.We dont have a divine right to be in the Prem and the way things are going we wont be there much longer.Maybe it is best for all concerned at Norwich that we do get relegated to the fizzy league and then have a good hard long look at our players,staff and board and get rid of the deadwood! We all know Greeno will go if we get relegated,and who could blame him.He''s one of the best keepers in Britain if not the best and staying with City is doing him no favours what so ever with our dodgy defending week in week out.The 3 or 4 million that we may get for him will be very usefull to build on our squad next season and push for promotion once again,but with a better squad than what we came up with this season which would possibly also help to pursuade better players to sign for us as they see we have the ambition to stay in the Premiership.  I think if we were to get relegated we would come straight back up next season without a doubt and probably have the best squad in the fizzy league.

So everyone at City will have tasted and realised what is needed for us to establish our team in the Prem. Worthy will not be able to say its a learning curve and all the other crap dribble that comes out of his mouth after yet another defeat.

The saddest thing of all if we were to get relegated is the fact that the scum are looking odds on to take our place in the Prem,but who''s to say it wont be the other way around the following season?

I still live in hope that we can stay up,after all we only need to be the best team out of WBA, C.Palace & Southampton to survive. Lets just hope as soon as the injuries clear up Worthy will start to pick the right team,get the tatics right and our players start performing! We could also do with a change in fortune,i have lost count on how many times in the first part of the season we have hit the post, hit the bar,not been giving a penalty and balls cleared off the line!

But one important facter which may just help us avoid the drop is if we can stop giving teams a 1-0 head start in the first 10-15 minutes of a game!

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