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Tried to check if store was open this morning(carrow rd),but no answer..so tried my luck..It was! And a few Norrwich cars picking up fans on way to pompey(nearly made me ask for a sly lift,and try to buy ticket there :)

Got into shop,bought the said DvD and a couple of other things.got home,was going to parcel it up and send tomorrow to bro in NZ,but decided to have a quick look..But there wasnt any title on it!?! tried dvd player upstairs and still blank!! ..So not happy.rushed back to shop and it was now bloody closed!!!!! it was just after 2,yet 1 hour earlier they were open!

Only victory tonight will pacify me...

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[quote user="Unhinged Canary"]You must have got the second Disc of the 2 Disc edition.It''s got all the Ipswich highlights on it.......[/quote]

:) would laugh but wouldve been really ahem off if i had sent it!

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