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a day we will never forget.....

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I along with all of you are immensely proud of what the players, manager, coaching staff, board etc have done for this club.

From Tuesday nite away games at luton losing heavily to years later being in the position that we are in now, brilliant!

I live in chelmsford and get sick of the west ham fans and man u fans and all the talk of us being a small club and the mocks I get from plastic fans. Well times will change and I am confident that norwich have entered a new era.

I said to my wife that it would be a successful year for norwich I am even more pleased that my first child will be born in July. So this year is such a massive year for me.

Even though I will have the responsibility of a New born and I mite not get to a great deal of games I am looking forward to seeing a game when I can.

I am already twisting the wifes arms over names.... suggestions please ha ha.

Even better boy or girl they will be born into a year where norwich will start there campaign in the premiership, rising from the ashes to a place where we belong.

FRom the Essex contingent on the ball city!

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