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Respect for Lambert

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I have just read the article on the pinkun on lambert speaking out about selling Nelson. Made it seem like he genuinely didn''t want to let him go but knew he would not get much game time here and the chances of him getting picked up by a football team decrease in the summer when more free agents are kicking about.I was one of those pissed off when we sold Nelson, i think in a championship battle, whatever position you are in, you need four central defenders because the liklihood is one will gett injured and the other two then have the fear of suspension on thier minds when they play. however on reading the article it seems like Lambert has a lot of respect for nelson and appreciates what he has done here so has let him go to better his career, or at least get more chance to play- so well done Lambert i don''t know how much loyalty you see like that in the game these days!

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