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We're doomed! Doomed I tell you!

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All of this "we''re going to get no one" talk is depressing! If we get no one, we need to deal with it - we got a lot more than we thought we would in Ashton. Yes, Bellamy would have been nice (for some, I personally think he''d have been a nightmare signing!) but you need to be kidding yourself if you think we can match the £6mil price tag.

The team''s task is to now get the best from what we''ve got. Our task is to be as supportive as possible. We should sing our lungs out, praise the team when we do good and generally get as behind the team as possible. We have the capability to stay up - Palace are going to be dismayed by the lack of activity, WBA signed a 36 year old, who yes has had a good start, but it surely won''t be consistent and Southampton seemingly enjoy angering Portsmouth further by stealing their mediocre players. Hmm.

We have a good chance, if we can start to score and defend a bit tighter. Get our injured players back as well, and we''re talking.

We''re still in with a shot, let''s give it our all!

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