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singing canary

Happy new year to you all

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firstly ... i must say well done city for the great form this season .

and happy new year to all of you ..

i need some help , or a proposal if anyone is interested .

i had the idea of www.ontheballcity.com ,i was working with web designer at the time ,not having any internet knowledge ,and being on here ..he decided to build a site on the concept of a blog forum ,i did not have the knowledge at the time to do anything about it.

i wish him well with it but as you can imagine gutted as i found the name and the idea

since then i have self taught myself and decided to carry my thoughts alone and have carried on with my websites .

i bought the name norwich-city.com and put a site together as well as my other sites www.usedcaradvertiser.co.uk and championshipfixtures.co.uk and many more.

im not working at the mo ,and put great time and effort into the sites i have , im no web designer i admit ,

im happy if someone can help me and play a part in a site that has gained great interest .

or play a part in other sites i have that i feel could make good revenue

before anyone find fault , i admit i am no web designer but salesman by trade . and had to learn and some things im not clued up on ,and can not get help with it .

please feel free to take a look .





and many more

ps i hope all of you are well and had nice xmas

singing canary

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