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Morisons Prozac

Player Ratings for last night

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Ruddy - 9. MOM. Was "collosal" (to quote Lambert) for us in the second half. Pulled off some absolute crackers and claimed cross after cross. Without doubt he will be a massive player for us in the oncoming years.

R Martin - 8. My pre-season prediction of Crofts getting POTS may be foiled by a certain right back. Was a major attacking threat and scored a cracker as well as marshalling the right well.

Barnett - 7. Like Ward soaked up pressure well and showed his passion and anger when we conceded.

Ward - 7. Soaked up the second half onlaught well and deserves praise for his performance.

Lappin - 5. Needless tackle for the penalty when Barnett was the other side of him. A good left mid but not a good left back.

Smith - 7. Linked up very well with Martin on the right and a lovely one-two for the first goal. Best game for us in ages.

Crofts - 5/6. Might being a bit harsh on him but felt he was a bit subdued, which is a good thing really as we don''t want him to be booked but midfield struggled because of it.

Fox - 6. Anonymous at times but played better in a defensive role in the second half.

McNamee - 7. Was really impressed with his defensive side last night and kept Antonio fairly quiet and gave Lappin a hell of a lot of cover.

Holt - 7. Best game for us so far this season but you all know the decision was ridiculous. Felt that if he had stayed on we would have won 4 or 5-1.

C Martin - 6/7. Great free kick but was lost without Holt in the second half. Starting to give Lambert a selection headahce.


Jackson - 5. Not his fault would never see much of the ball with our second half tactics. Perhaps wshould have been introduced earlier.

Daley - N/A. Whatever must Oli think. Came on too late for comment.

Gill - 4. Didn''t have a good game bless him. He has the ability as seen against Millwall but needs to find some consistancy if he wants to be a regular fixture in the side.



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I agree on the whole...

Defiantly right about Crofts, he didn''t seem quite as into the game as he normally is....

Your last comment on Ruddy :P Yes he can be a big player, but (not taking anything away from his amazing performance yesterday) he isn''t 100% developed, but he has time to improve....

And Macnamee didn''t keep Antonio quite for long, they where only on the pitch together for 15 mins :P

I think Martin is worthy of a 7...He looked tired when he came on, he chased every long ball up the pitch in the second half, and linked up well with Holt in the first....If Holt does miss 3 games, i don''t think it will be a disaster seeing Martin and Jackson upfront together... (and get Oli a chance to show him self for at least 30 mins in one of those games...)

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