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Free football coaching - Slightly OT

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Before you shoot me down (no doubt telling me this is in the wrong forum - but its the only one people bother to read!) please hear me out.

I''m a youth football coach in Norwich, and I (alike many other coaches in the area) rely on the website:


- which has loads of ideas for drills and coaching videos to help the kids/anyone who wants to learn!

Unfortunately the site just isn''t generating enough traffic for the guys who run it (coincidentally based in Wymondham!) to keep it up - so a few of us local coaches have volunteered to spread the word and try and create some interest!

We really need to keep this resource free, so please just visit the site if you can. Just a few seconds of your time!

If it is something which doesn''t interest you then please just ignore this, but if you have any involvement with coaching, or simply want to learn something yourself (loads of sports on there btw!) then please check it out and tell your mates etc.

Thanks for your time!

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Fair play to you mate. Looks a decent site with loads of good info- hope you can generate enough interest to keep it free.

This sorta stuff should always be available for free!

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