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To whom it may concern,

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To whom it may concern,

Now I am not a religious man. Neither am I particularly superstitious. But this letter is an open letter addressed to the man/woman/entity which controls the game that I love. Football.

Now don''t get me wrong; I''m delighted with how we''re performing. And I''m delighted we''re winning games. But could we, just occasionally, have a nice, easy, relaxed win? You know the sort, the ones where we put two past them in the first twenty minutes and turn into Brazil for the remaining seventy?

Well we don''t. Not even in League One. And that, my friend, is my problem. So, I propose a deal. Keep your heart stopping, teeth grinding, nail biting, thrilling victories for Norwich; but pepper them with the occasional easy victory. Just so the ol'' ticker can get a bit of a break.

Cheers me darlin''. Hugs and kisses,


PS. Thank you very, very, very much for Paul Lambert

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