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Win, lose or draw today, checkedy check yourself before you wreck yourself

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A common theme on this message board after the early games have finished is a collection of ridiculous statements about where our season is ultimately going to end up. After virtually everybody got their hopes up about cruising past a weak Watford side (myself included in all honesty), we lost 3-2 and all of a sudden Lambert was deemed to be tactically naive,  many of our players just weren''t good enough for Championship level, we''ll be in a relegation battle, the world is going to end unless we get a better defence, Delia must go, et cetera. By contrast, after beating Gillingham in the Carling Cup and getting our first league points on the board against Scunthorpe, we are now being tipped for a top half finish, Lambert is a tactical genius, our players are more than good enough for the Championship again, we''ll be challenging for the play-offs, we''re a force to be reckoned with, etc etc. But then once again the tide turned on this message board, and suddenly Delia has come under the firing line again all because Stephen Fry is on the board. Oh, she''s bringing her friends in! The bitch! Well here''s a newsflash: One, if you owned a football club, can you honestly say you wouldn''t recruit a friend or two? Secondly, Stephen Fry is a briliant, brilliant man, regardless of whether he will invest any pennies or not. Why the glum faces?Back to the point of this whole post, I''m saying that whether we win or lose against Swansea today, it really doesn''t matter. It''s still only our third league game, thus it is impossible to judge where we will finish in the month of August, or even until around Christmas. Swansea are a good side, so if we lose I implore you not to panic, Mr.Mainwaring. Again, if we win, I implore you not to get ahead our yourselves in the heat of the moment in stupendous joy. Basically, let''s just enjoy the day, hope for some points, but if not, not have too much of a moan and a gripe and look at Delia, Fry and co as devil incarnates. I''m not saying completely discount the game, but merely suggesting we don''t read too much into things at this ridiculously early stage of the season.

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