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  1. Give the devil his due. I also scoffed at him when he entertained the notion that we''d be in the top two come the end of the season. Whilst that''s obviously not the case yet, the very fact we''ve even been in the top two at any stage in the season is good enough for me to hold my hands up and say fair play to Wiz.
  2. I actually didn''t get down in the dumps at all about losing to Burnley. I was actually more pleased with that performance than I was with the Millwall game even despite the late winner. I think at this point in our footballing lives and considering where we are in the league, we really d have to look at the bigger picture and put things into perspective, looking at how far we''ve come. Losing a game now doesn''t affect me, if anything the 7-1 desensitized me somewhat when it comes to losing a football match. It happens, its part and parcel of the game. As long as we play well and we''re valiant in defeat, I don''t think we have much to complain about really. As a club, we''ve not had it this good for quite some time, so we should embrace and enjoy every second while we still can, because you never know when the proverbial brown stuff will start splattering against the fan again. I completely understand the reasoning behind the original post, but I politely stick by the above. Who wouldn''t have snatched third from someone at this stage if they told you you''d be there last year? It''s quite magical when you think about it.  
  3. We definitely need to tighten up at the back if we want to continue having a stab at the top two. The Millwall goal in particular a week ago was pretty shocking. On the plus side, Ruddy really has come good from his initial shaky start, so even if we don''t defend like lions every week he''ll still be worth a few extra points for us (ala Forster last season) come May. Also if I really wanted to get ahead of myself, I''d say if we made the playoffs and had to get through via penalty shootout, I''d be pretty confident that he''d do well for us in such a scenario. I don''t know what his penalty saving is like but he''s made some fantastic saves so far this season in open play at least.
  4. Don''t wanna go HOOOOHOOOHOOOME!! THIS IS THE BEST TRIP, I''VE EVER BEEN ON!! Da da dah! Da da dah!
  5. Echo the thoughts above. Hope you make it to the game.
  6. Got mine bright and early last monday morning when the super members slot went on sale at the Canary store in the mall. I was actually the first in the line to pick one up, as the bloke in front of me actually bought tickets for Leeds instead. We were all utterly dismayed. He''s probably got his reasons or probably is already a season ticket holder though.Cautiously confident we can get the points. Will be the most fiercely contested derby for some time I reckon looking at where we both are in the table. 
  7. See this chap, yeah? He wears Grant Holt pyjamas. Seriously, Grant Holt is the daddy. How anyone can have anything but love for the guy is a crime to be honest. He''s doing just fine and dandy.
  8. Excellent read as usual Ricardo. I personally didn''t go but my friends that did think your assessment is absolutely spot again, again like usual. Nice to see Lambert making the changes seemingly thick and fast as we gradually increased the pressure.
  9. Gutted to miss the game today, I hate being around the city on a match day when I don''t get to go to the game itself. But after forking out for Leeds and Ipswich tickets I just didn''t think it would be fair enough on my wallet to attend all three!Sounds like Lambert''s half time team talk did the job. Delighted to hear about the result as I feared the worst at 2-0 down. But if we lost I certainly wouldn''t have grumbled much about it, it is Burnley after all and I tipped them for promotion at the start of the season. I still do infact. Pleased to see Martin back on the scoresheet as well. Gutted for Crofts being suspended as well, he''s been an absolute revelation for us this season.
  10. I don''t know so much Pete. How much do these individual match DVD''s cost to produce? Surely they can''t make much of a profit from it considering that price? I can understand it for bigger or more memorable games but not for each and every week.
  11. November looks WAY tougher on paper to me. Burnley, Milwall, Leeds AND Ipswich all in the same month? We''ve just had QPR, Boro and Cardiff to play in recent games too and if you''d have told me earlier in the season we''d get 4 points from those three, I''d have taken it with open arms. Now got tickets for both Leeds and Ipswich and will be looking forward to both of them, though cautiously.
  12. Pearce would be an awful England manager.
  13. [quote user="Mook"][quote user="jas the barclay king"]ask the blackpool fans who went to Anfield if its better to sit back and avoid a twatting (for thats what you will get) or to go for it and win....The big sides can be beaten.. sitting back and trying to keep the score down isnt the way to do it.[/quote]Definitely the worst liverpool team since Souness had his way though. I wouldn''t read too much into it, Blackpool will be relegated.[/quote]I appreciate Liverpool have seen better days, but that was still a Liverpool team with Steven Gerrard, Pepe Reina, Jamie Carragher, Dirk Kuyt and Torres (well, for a short time). On paper, you''d have been foolish to bet on such a result, even with Liverpool''s predicament. I said at the start of the season Blackpool musn''t be counted out and I think they''ve every chance of staying up.
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