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Bury Green

This Canary does'nt fly very well

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Following on from Saturdays disappointment it has made me think about when ever I have flown or tried to fly to watch the ‘Mighty Yella’s’ things have never seemed to have gone as well as they might have done!

My first trip was to watch the UEFA cup 1st round second leg match against Arnham, despite the 0-0 on the night and the 3-1 on aggregate we went all day without so much as a site of a something to eat and drink only to end up being redirected to Stanstead (how ironic) in the early hours of the morning as a plane had gone off the end of the runway at Norwich. Still pretty surreal experience to hear choruses of “Ruel Ruel” at 3am in the arrivals hall as the players flight landed just behind us.

Munich, could’nt get a flight despite hours of phone calls as the early nineties had not yet been subjected to budget airline

Milan, glorious defeat but a great day out

Play Off final, another glorious defeat but a great day out

Sunderland, leave home just after 6am to sit at Stanstead for a few hours only to trudge home to sit in the pub and to go and watch Bury Town strut their stuff in the afternoon

I was thinking about taking up the ‘Gun Club’ offer of flying to Cardiff, but you know what? I think we need the three points!

To sign off, to anybody who reads this that was going up to Sunderland by bus, ‘Hats off’ it’s what makes us the great fans we are.

Over land and see, but preferably by car

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