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Have been reading/lurking for quite a while and thought I would drop my opinion on a few things:

Current Team:

On the Whole I agree with Worthy''s selection, my personal choice would be:


       Helveg*         Fleming                  Charlton             Drury

       Jonson           Francis                  **                      Huckerby

                           Mckensie              Svensson

*Edworthy on his day can be stirling, but for me he gets caught out of position to much and for some one who isnt gifted with buckets of pace, becomes even more noticable.  Helveg I have seen play against Real Mallorca and Man Utd, now he looked comfortable on the ball, decent tackle, good pace of 5-10yrds, only blott then was his mistake that lead to the first Man Utd Goal, but I think he should be give a run of games at right back. 

** Mulryne would be my first choice here if he could be consistant, if he plays well over a sustained period and doesnt switch off during games then im all for him commanding this position on a regular basis, but from past experience I will be surprised if this happens.  Possibly being in the prem may give him more incentive than before and he will prove me wrong, I hope so.  That being said I would like to see Safri giving a bit of a run, people have mentioned hes a bit to hot headed, well it may appear so but I can guarrantee this is more likely him not having match practice and so not being up to speed and catching people a little late.  Give him games and this will correct itself, to me he looks like he could be very sound defensively and has a very good pass on him.  A little food for thought also, I had considered Bentley in this position, at first I would of presumed him to light weight for a defensive role but when I have seen him put himself about he does quite well and again another good passer of the ball.

With regards to moving Huckerby off the left, personally feel thats a bad idea.  At the moment majority of teams feel he is our only threat and have been double marking, this has given Francis the space to come forward as either central defender/midfielder have move across, which we have all seen the benefit of.  Now interestingly, Francis is the name on all the lips at the moment, so I have suspicion you will start to see a little more of Huckerby as teams realise they cant afford to lose a man in the centre.

On our formation as a whole, I would like to see us start playing 5 in midfield away from home, with the 5th midfield in an advanced position just behind a lone striker (Svensson or Leon, both proving they can hold the ball up well).  We do have a fair few midfielders compared to strikers and I think this would make us more solid.

Having said the above, unless tactical, I dont think Worthy should change the team from last weekend as it doesnt send out the right message, and I dont think he will either.

On Worthy:

Still learning at times

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