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FatMan Fat

Deep doo doo

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We are now in deep doo, doo - severely in the cack

A win yesterday would have put us in about 14th position, 2 additional points against C.P, Pompey and Blackburn would have made us "safe".

Unfortunately we didn''t get those extra points and we are unlikely to in future matches. Sure Matty is a great bloke but he is not a Premiership striker and who else do we have to lead the line?

Our problems go deeper than a lack of strike power though. 

The single most worrying thing for me is our tactical naivety.  From the very outset of the season we have had the defence playing too deep, which sucks the midfield deep, which in turn isolates the strikers.  This season we can''t rely on Hucks to beat 2, 3, or even 4 defenders in a surging run because that ain''t going to happen. Consequently we play in a disjointed way with no link between midfield and our strikers, and consequently it makes it even harder for Matty and Leon.

Unless the coaching staff can give us some quality, other than just hard work, we will not stay up. If Worthington is not capable of changing our play then I for one will join the "Worthy out" camp because right now I am embarrassed at some of our performances - yesterday for one, the first half at St Andrews for another

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