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Why we need Crouch back...

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Anyone remember those pre Huckerby, Crouch, Harper loan days at the start of last season? Well I do. We used to Defend on our own Goal-line and didn''t look like scoring in a Brothel! Harper came in and gave us width and commitment, Huckerby gave us flair and Goals, and Crouch gave us height and breathing space.

I feel that with Crouch up-front winning everything in the air, our defence will have the time to push up, and allow us to revert from our current 1-6-0-3 formation (Bentley being the missing man by the way) to a more "normal" formation.

I fully agree that he is techically a poor footballer but we need his height and the ability to push out of our own half, Mckenzie will score the goals given Crouch''s knockdowns

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