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My belated thoughts on last night

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The first half was a bit of a strange one. The opening goal didnt really reflect the first half if you ask me- we should have gone in level at the very least.

The key problem for me (and why it took us so long to get a grip on the game in the last 20 minutes or so) was midfield. We started off with McNamee, Hoolahan, Hughes and Lappin and the weakest links by far for me were Hughes and Lappin.

I think the problem with Hughes last night was that

a) the strikers werent making themselves available (sp?) for the few balls he tried to play forwards - this point is highlighted when you consider all the decent balls that McNamee put in for Holt/Martin and they didnt do anywhere near enough (for various reasons- weight of expectation?)

b) his midfield partner - Hoolahan? didnt offer him enough support in the centre of midfield and so Hughes was overpowered by the Southend midfield that did well in marshalling him out.

Whatever his problem Hughes was poor. Smith and O.J coming on for Hughes and Lappin made all the difference and was the decision that at least ensured a point if not all 3.

My man of the match by far was McNamee simply because he did far better than I thought he was going to be. Fully deserved the champagne (sp?) and I really hope he starts on Saturday.

A sloppy 3 points but 3 points nonetheless. Onwards and upwards to Oldham [Y]

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