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Another top post pulled off Guardian Footy site

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Excuse the rampant pendantry but................those scarfs are not green and gold! They are clearly green and yellow. Wolves play in gold and those whiney mancs are not wearing gold. Tis a good job they aint yellow and green because the powers that be at fortress carra rud would unleash mad dog macnally and he would demand reparations. Serious reparations. I reckon a months loan of rooney , to coincide with the leeds match should suffice. Incidently - whilst on the subject of our ''rivals'' (ahem) for 3rd division. Have you ever visited their WACCOE forum. Tis proper , proper funny. Basically - unless you happen to be David Batty or Billy Bremner you are officially a c**t. They don''t much care for all things NCFC at the moment. Can''t imagine how they will react to seeing the "scum" wearing the colours of the "jumped up , no fans , sister f**cking c**ts" of my beloved canaries. AND THEY ARE LOSING AT HUDDERSFIELD. I''m off to troll my arse of on WACCOE and hopefully learn some new swears.

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