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Lambert is King

A man true to his word that we can trust

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Thanks Mr McNally not only can we trust what you tell us but you back up your words with actions.

You told us we will not have to sell, but you were honest enough to add that crazy offers will be looked at and referred to PL. You were true to your word and I for 1 apologise for thinking yea right.

You laid down conditions to the NOTW which they did not comply with and you have backed this up with your threat to go to the High Court. With regards Colwho you have stuck to your guns and not given way to what the club feel are ridiculos demands. If anyone can get this club back to where it should be you are the man.

As fans we need to back you to the hilt in what you think is right for this club. If only you would have been here for the last 5 years - who knows where this club would have been now

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