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Football league show

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I recorded it on my PC and just watched it again, not for the last time I''m sure.Grinned like a loon watching it lol.It just has everything, the slap in the face for Cowling, affirmation that we indeed have the right man for the job in Lambert, confirmation that maybe Boothroyd isn''t the master tactician we thought he might be.Favourite bits :-Start of the game where Lambo waves to the Col Who fans with a wry smile on his face, also his stifled smile in the post match interview.Chrissy Martin''s second goal.The Doc after scoring his goal with a look on his face that says "What?? I score screamers like that all the time"Oli scoring despite the fact I suspect he was actually crossing to the far post.How fat and crap Hendo looks, seriously Boothy, what were you thinking?I shall probably watch it again later.[:D]

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