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Only Broken Dreams Heartache and Misery Lie Ahead

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Fortunately this now applies to our opposition and not NCFC for a most welcome change.A very big thank you for choosing Norwich goes to our Mr Lambert, his superb coaching staff and the new revitalised Board of directors.In particular congratulations to our CEO who is making it all happen.Eternal gratitude to those who are discretely putting their hands into their wallets and that includes the gracious lady who absorbs so much of the supporters frustration due to her footy inaptitude, unquestionable love and loyalty  and generous heart.We are not out of the fire yet, of course not, but the deposit has been invested at last and the only way is up albeit NOT in a straight line. Give the supporters a team they deserve and you will all be blessed- (Whilst all is going well of course.)N.B. Give Them Hell Today and cement our adulation

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