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singing canary

you are the laughing stock of football Delia..

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Right where do i start , after making several mistakes of which i could write a novel about i would have thought after everything, Delia would have taken a step back and look at how her be-loved football club is failing big time at the end of last season.Most people make mistakes and learn from them especially when alot of money is involved.Ie Roeder with his poor cv Grant with no manager experience etc etc .

After relegation surely anyone with some form of brain would have placed the "board first" before making any managerial decisions. so why has she done things the wrong way round again or does she love the drama of it all.i am not knocking the appointment of mcnally yet when the season ended Doncaster was the first to go .surely she must have realised who ever board members she hires may not agree with her choice of manager..? then to fund a whole team of players by pleaing to the fans to give up rebate money to give to gunns transfer fund to sack him after one leauge game is nothing short of total madness .im hardly surprised our team is failing, the new players must have wondered if they have joined the script of eastenders..!!!.

i wonder how long it will be before Delia has a fall out with Mcnally.... and off we go again .is it any wonder this club is falling on its face no one is here long enough to put things right .The amount of money to pay managers off and useless loan players when the club is in so much debt we could have put the money "on the pitch" .Next time Delia before making any rash decisions why dont you seek some advise or read some of the wise peoples coments who write on here .I was in london for a few days and spoke to a few spurs and arsenal fans who could not work out why our club is in freefall , when i told them of whats been happening over the years i think they felt sorry for us loyal fans as they all remember how great this club used to be .

i wish paul lambert all the luck in the world but even now nothing shocks me as far as norwich city are concerned .

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