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We have been looking for somebody to make crap players beter for 5 years.

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Gunn gone! But there must be more to it or am I missing something. My title is a little harsh but in essence it''s true. Whilst a tactical genius will get us better results at times the truth is we have been trying to find somebody to make a silk purse out of sow''s ears for years.I fear that unless there is an ace up the boards sleeve in the form of investment then any new manager will need to be a tactical wizard or have to accept that we have a glut of very cheap players few of which were wanted by other teams.Now I know it very early day to judge the new players but the new players were pick by a man that most on here are delighted to see the back of.It''s more than a little confusing to say the least. What is going to change? tactics, man-management, is that enough. If so then out hats should go off to Mr Gunn for finding a glut of inexpensive gem that are destined to lift us to glory. See where I''m going.It just doesn''t all add up. Maybe something more is afoot. Or maybe the board have been at the sherry again.

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