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Voting Results - Vote For Your Manager

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Okay, I created a thread yesterday asking people to vote for their top 3 managers of choice. I''m gonna do the results now as voting has dried up and the pattern hasn''t changed since the voting started anyway.

Puting it in a new thread cos often people don''t go back and check old threads, so apologies for duplication. Here''s the results...


Using votes from people who replied on the thread


Coppell took 33.3% of the maximum score votes

Strachan and Boothroyd were joint second with 16.7%


Coppell took 33.7% of the average vote (using 1,2,3 scores)

Strachan and Boothroyd once again were join second with 12.8%

Robbins and Tilson weren''t far behind in this with 11.6% each


Unofficially using comments from all threads I read


Coppell took 61.1% of the maximum score votes

Boothroyd came second with 11.1%


Coppell scored 51.3% of the average vote (using 1,2,3 scores)

Boothroyd came second with 13.0%

Robbins came third with 7.8%




Obviously Coppell is the clear Fan Favourite


And if there had to be an alternative, then it appears Boothroyd would edge it over Strachan, Robbins and Tilson - But not by much!


Out of interest, Curbishley was the most popular manager not named on the vote who fell into the Other category. He wasn''t a million miles away from Boothroyd / Tilson / Strachan / Robbins and if were named on the vote probably would have featured as highly as them at least.



1) Coppell (by a big margin)

2) Boothroyd

3) Tilson / Robbins / Strachan / Curbishley (Too close to split given the small sample used)

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