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the post game inquiry(all thoughts here)

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Okay so I would have took nil nil at the start, but that game was clearly winnable. Villa weren''t that great, mind you we were pretty average too.  It was a lot of great effort from the players, very workmanlike, but we clearly lacked any class. we could have played all day and not scored. other than long range efforts we never really created anything.  while I believe, we defended well, it''s clear that we can''t go on drawing nil-nil.

There were too many players who looked like they didn''t know what to do with ball, I thought only francis, bentley and huckbery looked like they wanted the ball.  bentley needs to learn to do something other than hit thirty five yarders, but least he tried.  huckerby just didnt get it going, francis showed energy going forward, but others like Safri whose supposed to be our great playmaker were poor.  I think we looked a lot more dangerous when mcveigh came on and did the playmaking, some clever passes and if we are to persist with the diamond then he should be behind the front two.  Also leon showed for the time he was on that not only can his pace cause problems, but they were instances when he held the ball up very well.

again green made a couple of crucial saves to save us, we can''t keep depending on that.

I know it sounds negative, and I realise we''ve come along way and battled hard against a top six premier team(last season), but it''s just frustrating when three points are there for the taking and we just weren''t capable of doing it.  We need to invest come january, it''s gamble time for the board. new striker and creative midfielder are an absolute must.


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