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"45 games to go"

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Now that worries me. It was 9 games, 8, 7, 6 etc....last year, and look what happened.

Some of those players were not god enough yeaterday, but more worrying is that the tactics were Sunday League. Square at the back, no movement in midfield (apart from Wes), and all in all we are all going to be angry.

I am worried for the next 2 games, because if we follow this up with more defeats then this could be a hard season, after what has been an optomistic pre-season.

PS: Bryan, I don''t think the ''Sitting in the stands view'' can be used again, you need to be pitchside, and telling those players in yellow and green what to do.

PPS: Please sort out your use of subs, I know you put the same 11 out as they would have been responsible for the first half, but shouldn''t it have been more about reducing the embarassment?

Finger crossed for an improvement and for an 11 to be found that we know are good enough, and can work as a team.

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