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Brentford and yeovil tickets on sale

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Just to let anybody who wants to go the club doesnt really seem to be bothering posting anything anywhere about away tickets so will post information which i saw today.

Yeovil tickets are on general sale now. Coach costs £29 with the usual £1 discount for sth and leaves at noon. You get choice of seating or terracing adult tickets cost £13. OAP''s is £9 for seating and £8 for terracing. Under 21s is £7 and under 16s is £4. Seems pretty cheap price for tickets just the coach is a pit pricey.

Right brentford ones I think go on sale this week. Again choice of seating and terracing. Adult ticket costs £20 and student costs £12. U16 costs £8 i think. Coach leaves at 2.45 and costs £16 i think.

One of the good things about this league that you have got terracing at some grounds

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