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seeking key

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in a Sky Sports article Nigel says he is seeking the key..

"Norwich manager Nigel Worthington admits that he has not worked out the key to getting his team scoring goals and keeping clean-sheets at the same time.

Norwich have kept the opposition out in three consecutive games, scoring just once - but goals were flowing earlier in the season.

"It''s nice," Worthington told Sky Sports News when asked about the clean-sheets.

"Football''s a funny game. Early in the season we were conceding but scoring goals and now we are not conceding but have scored just once.

"I''m trying to get the two things together, but you end up like Manchester United or Arsenal winning all the time, with the best players and we are not on that level.

"We are gradually working hard on a daily basis to improve as a club. That goes for the players the manager and the coaches

many know nigel.....drop the diamond..and play a recognised striker

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it really bugs me sometimes quotes in the media, you never know if they actually said it, but if this is for real

come on worthy, try being a bit more positive

at tottenham, with us in injury time and about to take a corner, what happened, we played keep ball to try and retain possession, not go for a corner, an attacking chance

now we play a defender upfront, a strange and absolutely hopeless formation to accommodate holt in midfield, and therefore not many chances upfront

nige, just play 442, play leon (or any recognised striker!) upfront and the goals will come

another 0-0 draw, don''t think i can stand it!!

and we would play a hell of a lot better if we actually kept posssession through passing the ball, not lumping it skyward, we would create more chances for poor old hucks, who has no chance on his own.

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