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Emotional Rex

What I don't want to hear!

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As the new season gets going, please spare me the following...

From Gunny, the coaches or any of the players,

"We know what this division is all about now", after failing to pick up three points against Col''yoo. Get it sorted NOW. If any of you don''t already know division 3 is going to be a battle and a long hard slog, you haven''t been paying attention. Get your heads and fitness right and we won''t need excuses.

"We have to learn from that, put it behind us and look forward to the next game". See above!(the Doc and Jukebox, the usual suspects, take note).

"Yeovil (Exeter, Brentford ....) is a hard place to get a result". No it isn''t. Old Trafford, Anfield, Stamford Bridge are hard places to get a result, but that doesn''t concern us. Let''s be a bit positive here, rather than talking down our chances all the time.

"The other teams in this division see playing us as a cup final". Probably true for many of them. If we are better than them it shouldn''t matter. If we get beat because they tried harder than us well...see above!

"We have six games to save our season". What were we doing for the other forty games then?

From the board,

"We have to cut our cloth to suit" as Hooly disappears over the horizon before the end of August. There''s no point assembling a decent squad (on paper at least) for pre-season if you are going to break it up when the serious stuff starts. Please keep it together and we might have a chance.

From the ''fans'',

"Delia out", "sack the board", "Cullum in" etc. etc. We''ve been there and done that. Give it a rest and see how this season goes. With a sell out crowd this Saturday it looks like most supporters are prepared to do just that. Have a little patience.

Two days to go. I''m getting kinda nervous.[;)]


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So... you are berating people/coaches/the board/Gunny and all of us for things none of them/us have actually said? Nice work! :D

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