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  1. Pete The latest Archant PODCAST, City v Preston, has last months date on it and won''t download via I-tunes. Any suggestions mate?
  2. For a second there I thought we were signing an Arsenal left back and an ex Manure/Newcastle midfielder!
  3. [quote user="Bungay Canary"]2-0 city Chris Martin both of them . Up yours to all who ridicule him[/quote] Nice one Chrissy! I hope you''re right.
  4. [quote user="Canary_on_the Trent"]Another decent game yesterday although at times he wasted great crossing opportunities and was nervy against Commons. But does every decent game he has warrant an appreciation thread?[/quote] Well it seemed like everything he did that was less than perfect warranted a new thread complaining about him.
  5. Required ASAP for full effect in the office. Come on Sportsdesk Pete. Don''t hang about mate!
  6. [quote user="followtheboyzinyellow"]Our fantastic support??? I thought that appart from us stood in the back 4 rows, our support was shocking last night. Everyone sat down not making a noise, until half time came and they all stood up and started chatting. Then the refs whistle went for the start of the second half and they all sat down again. Awful support[/quote] Agreed that most of the noise came from the back, but just because people choose to sit down doesn''t make it "awful support". I''m 6''-3", I don''t suppose many behind me would appreciate me standing all through the game[:P]
  7. There were many occasions when the play was so compressed that a player like Hucks could have had a field day out wide. I bet he thought that too.[;)]
  8. Just got a couple too. nice short trip for me from near Grimsby[:D]
  9. I think I''m going to cut my throat with a blunt knife then set myself on fire[st]
  10. Lambkins does seem a bit relaxed about everything doesn''t he? He''s quite pally with Fox. Nice to see him let his guard down for a change.
  11. Gunny is guest co-presenter for the whole show on this weeks "The Coca-Cola Football League Podcast". Not much time given to the Canaries, but as usual he''s pretty non-committal. I''m sure he still, deep down, wants City to succeed, but he just can''t bring himself to show it. He seems to be cropping up a fair bit in the media though. Also I didn''t realise, (although plenty of you probably already knew), Gunny''s son is in the academy 14 year olds. Must be quite awkward for the lad at times.
  12. I''ve got all my jobs done early today so I''m ready to settle down and enjoy! Any links pm''d would be gratefully accepted[;)]
  13. [quote user="Barclaybred"] Cant wait to see his freekicks,then will really rate him!..Weve have never had a throw in specialist that i can remember? [/quote] Graham Paddon
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