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silver fox

Squad rotation not always the answer

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I know that when you have a number of games coming up you try and rotate the squad, but surely you do not change a team that is playing well. Unless Crouch and McVeigh were carrying injuries I cannot understand why they did not start the match against West Brom. I read one report where Nigel said Crouch had played his best game for Norwich against West Ham, and the next match the player is on the bench. His confidence must have been sky high after getting the equaliser against West Ham and then he is effectively dropped. Not for the first time I am baffled by some of the managers decisions. Surely these changes cannot just have been to counter West Brom playing five across the middle.

Yet again it was a splendid effort by the team to try and get a point in the second half, but what if we had started with Crouch and McVeigh. I was also amazed and pleased to see the introduction of Shackell, but why did we not take off Fleming or Mackay? After all, West Brom were playing with a lone striker for most of the second half. If we are going to rotate players then I would like to bring Henderson and Jarvis back onto the bench, either could replace Easton who must know that his days and appearances are numbered.

Hopefully with two home games coming up we can get back to our winning ways and move back into the top six.

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