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My WBA report

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I am not expected when we played 5 in midfield and it was so not effective -- especially when we didn''t have enough movement from the players! It was very poor to see when every time when Mulyrne got the ball, he had forced to pass back! Again, his ''important'' pass, this time in the second half to the WBA forward (a swicth play from left to right, want to find Edworthy) nearly gifted them the second goal to kill the game off! Holt and Francis played too close to each others, you can''t ask Three Lungs to get on the ball too much and he wasn''t looking too good to tackle too! Francis wasn''t played as well as the start of the season but he will get better I hope as he impressed Roy Waller much.

Mark Rivers, oh he was really a bit lazy to hustle back or challenge, when he played on the left I didn''t recall he had any good touches and ran with the full-back, on the right it was different story and his first run also the first cross on that side nearly produced a goal for us!

Defence was OK and Fleming was surely my man of the match, after he received a harsh tackle inside the first 5 minutes and he determined to become rock on defence, his shot should rewarded with a goal, broke he offside trap, controlled superbly by his chest, shot by his not favourite left foot and going to the keeper''s low left hand corner! Should be in!

Edworthy was another player impressed me as he can be a successor of Daryl Sutch on right back, some of his passes was kicking into the space, who was clever for the forward to chase, but just for some of our fans feeling not good, I understand since you can''t ask Iwan to run 60 yards to chase for a ball, which may only produced a throw in for us. Drury and MacKay, well, Drury was played OK for me and not many excellent performance, not sure the reason and perhaps the captaincy really put lots of pressure to him, he nearly deflected Russell Hoult''s clearence into their net! MacKay did well on Hulse but show no pace definitely. Harper sometimes showing too much on the ball.

We Love you McVeigh showed how to play football in away matches -- take your man and got the ball rolling in front of your defender! Some of his runs was definitely made me remind his superb form at the start of the season when we finally went to Cardiff! Again he played excellently when coming on! His 2 brilliant efforts, again cutting inside on the left, especially the second shots, it was JUST, JUST over the top of the crossbar! With this form he''s back!


Green 6
Edworthy 7
MacKay 6
Fleming 8
Drury 6
Rivers 5
Holt 5
Mulyrne 4
Francis 6
Harper 6
Roberts 5
McVeigh 7
Crouch 6
Shackell 5

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