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[quote user="First Wizard"]

[quote user="Normal for Norfolk"]Is this

the same source that told you gunn would play cureton would play

against reading. and also you said that gunn and huckerby have

contracts sorted so when we go into admininstration, gunn and huckerby

get contracts come and find me and I will not only apologise for

doubting you but ill eat my norwich scarf[/quote]

No, its the same source which told me Gunn had the job in January..........even the Pink Un didn''t know that!

The rest of you will no doubt rush to apologise.............no, thought not.

[/quote]i offering you the opotunity to apologize here wiz as you rumour is looking like nothing more than, well a rumour

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No, you apologise to me. McNallys Pink Un article today:

He says the Canaries need to ''cut their cloth'' as the financial implications of the tumble into League One continue to hit home - and refused to banish the spectre of administration

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