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Just been watching the Everton v Southampton game on canal+sports - Everton are not that great - their key man is the Danish midfielder Thomas Gravesen - he has clearly man of the of  match and controlled the whole game. Marcus Bent looked strong and very quick but his finishing was poor. I reckon as Helveg is captain of the Danish team and knows Gravesen the best he should be in the starting line up on Saturday. I would put him in right hand midfield in place of Jonsson. Sounded like Helveg did well when he came on yesterday. From a physical point of view Francis is best placed to keep up with Gravesen - but it might need two players on him - I can see another Liverpool Alonso coming if we dont close him down. Southampton looked a bit like us up front - no real experience or quality in the final third. They played two young reserve lads up front but they got no where - they looked a bit like McKensie - loads of energy and action but not the killer touch to get the goals - Worthy has a huge dilemma how to handle our in experienced front line. I can see another 0-0 coming next saturday. 

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