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Sound Footing

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I love this from the Green Un.WHEN you look at the way clubs such as Leeds United, Sheffield

Wednesday, Charlton, Leicester, Southampton and Norwich City have

slipped from the top flight to the third tier of English football,

keeping Ipswich Town on such a sound footing, financially and

position-wise, could be regarded as a bigger achievement than getting

the Blues promoted in the first place.[url=http://www.greenun24.co.uk/content/greenun/sport/football/championship/ipswich-town/story.aspx?brand=ESTOnline&category=SportITFC&tBrand=ESTOnline&tCategory=xDefault&itemid=IPED26%20May%202009%2009%3A15%3A03%3A797]Green Un[/url]That a laugh, the only way that they are on a sounding footing is because of the extra toes on their feet.

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