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Gunn's qualifications

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One victory alone, which owed more to celebrating Roeder''s departure, earned Bryan Gunn the job until the end of the season. Relegation to League One then earns him the job on a full time basis. Doesn''t really make much sense does it? But then he put a compelling case to the Board I shouldn''t wonder - just like Grant and Roeder before him. [:|]

Call me old fashioned, but sometimes real, hard evidence of achievement is the most appropriate criteria for employment, not ''giving good interview'' and we now face the most challenging and important season in living memory with an utter novice at the helm.

Doubtless Gunn convinced the Board that relegation wasn''t his fault, that the damage was already done and hat he needs the opportunity to build his own team. Sorry; not quite good enough for me. We saw absolutely no ''bounce'' after the "woo-hoo!" performance against Barnsley and if there were to be any lessons from Roeder''s reign, they patently weren''t learned by Gunn. Too many loan players with no experience of the rough end of the Championship? Welcome aboard messrs Carney, Gow and Mooney.

Sacking Roeder was bold and was the right move to give us the best chance of staying up. But he needed to be replaced by the right man and ALL EVIDENCE indicates he wasn''t. Now, this error has been further compounded and while we cannot be certain that Gunn will fail, we have absolutely no reason - not the tiniest shred of evidence - to believe he has the armoury to succeed.


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