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  1. Blackmail, my backside. It''s incentivisation. Ever since the issue of the rebate has emerged, supporters have moaned that any money would disappear in to a big black hole. Well here is a cast iron guarantee that it won''t and that it will be effectively doubled; all for the playing budget. What exactly would you have him do? Say pretty please and cross his fingers? This is a cute and potentially effective move by the Board. It is a direct response to supporter concern and can only benefit the team. So you take the money back... what exactly do you hope will happen? The Club spiral further in to debt? We become entrenched in League One? Never has the phrase ''cutting your nose off to spite your face'' been more appropriate. Just for once, stop seeing everything in black and white and recognise that the club have done the right thing here.
  2. One victory alone, which owed more to celebrating Roeder''s departure, earned Bryan Gunn the job until the end of the season. Relegation to League One then earns him the job on a full time basis. Doesn''t really make much sense does it? But then he put a compelling case to the Board I shouldn''t wonder - just like Grant and Roeder before him. [:|] Call me old fashioned, but sometimes real, hard evidence of achievement is the most appropriate criteria for employment, not ''giving good interview'' and we now face the most challenging and important season in living memory with an utter novice at the helm. Doubtless Gunn convinced the Board that relegation wasn''t his fault, that the damage was already done and hat he needs the opportunity to build his own team. Sorry; not quite good enough for me. We saw absolutely no ''bounce'' after the "woo-hoo!" performance against Barnsley and if there were to be any lessons from Roeder''s reign, they patently weren''t learned by Gunn. Too many loan players with no experience of the rough end of the Championship? Welcome aboard messrs Carney, Gow and Mooney. Sacking Roeder was bold and was the right move to give us the best chance of staying up. But he needed to be replaced by the right man and ALL EVIDENCE indicates he wasn''t. Now, this error has been further compounded and while we cannot be certain that Gunn will fail, we have absolutely no reason - not the tiniest shred of evidence - to believe he has the armoury to succeed.  
  3. [quote user="Canary02 III"] This is ridiculous. At a time when we need to be working together as fans we start talking about splinter groups because the one organised supporters body says much of what people agree with but not quite in the way they''d like to say it. Pathetic. This kind of idiotic childish squabbling is garbage. I''m not even a member of NCISA but they are the supporters body and those who are on the committee and constructed this have taken the time over the years to attend meetings and become democratically elected by their peers. And now some berk on a message board who has invested no time than it takes to spit out a quick e-mail wants a splinter group all of his very own and thinks you all should join. I despair. [/quote] Long live ISANC [;)]  
  4. "Whilst I have acknowledged that the statement is not what I would have hoped for, I do find your critiscism rather harsh. Considering you haven''t been posting long on here, it could be construed that you are merely trying to cause trouble - a notion that could easily be quashed by helping the cause and throwing your expertise in the direction of NCISA. " Why couldn''t the statement have been written this well? Point taken though and I would love to get involved in one way or another.
  5. Indeed. :o) and I can tell you are both very excited and quite new to this too. Statement is repeated in local media, where editors are desperate to hoover up any comment whoever it comes from. Note the number of messageboard posts from common or garden punters that have found their way in to the papers of late. But what follows? What is the real impact? The reinforcement of NCISA as amateurish and without savvy. The bigfeller has it absolutely bang on.
  6. :o)  - this is genius!!! Please feel free to ''stand up'' - but when you do, avoid issuing statements written by primary school children. The really sad thing is, you probably think people are just being ''picky''. You''re wrong. THAT statement is a cast-iron embarrassment, a real shocker and any one who played ANY role in that nonsense, shouldn''t be allowed near a statement every again.  
  7. No butler, this is not a ''start''. This is counter-productive. If you can''t see that then we really are all screwed.
  8. Rubbish, Butler, utter rubbish. First you have absolutely NO IDEA what anyone has ''put to the cause'' and how dare you presume anything of the sort. Second, effective opposition requires, coherence, inspiration, leadership, ideas, dynamism, respect - THAT statement was frankly dreadful. Weak and without clear thought. Three weeks perfecting the statement? 1. I could have written that better in three minutes. 2. How long have they needed? Have our current problems only materialised since Sunday?    
  9. "It is with great sadness following the relegation of our football club to the third tier of English football that we think the prolonged decline of Norwich City Football Club must be arrested. " I''m sorry but that first sentence is almost as hilarious as it is awful. Words fail me and if this incoherent primary school bleat goes national we move from crisis club to back-of-beyond laughing stock. Oh and anyone who thinks that ''grammar doesn''t matter'' clearly doesn''t know the first thing about the authority and respect that is earned with good presentation, clear thoughts and rigorous criticism. What lifts this above any other message board blast? Absolutely nothing. *slaps forehead in amazement*        
  10. ''League'' One. It''s LEAGUE One!! L.E.A.G.U.E.One. Good post though - cheers.
  11. Outstanding news. Next season hasn''t even started and we''re already 10 points ahead of Stockport and Southampton.
  12. As things stand, with no additions, this is the team I would imagine starting on the first day of next season Marshall Otsemobor Doherty Stefanovic Drury Daley Spillane Russell Lappin McDonald Martin      
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