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Chirping Canary

The only way forward?

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After attending the NCISA Meeting on Thursday, I would like to raise the following two issues of the rebate and a fan being appointed on the board.

The Rebate

The argument for returning the rebate was that if the club did not have this returned then there ''would be no transfer budget for Bryan Gunn and the club could face administration''. My believe is that the club would not face administration and the Board of Directors should have budgeted correctly, so that the manager has an adequate budget regardless of the rebate to be able to gain promotion from League 1, not just compete in it! 

My opinion is that every supporter is of course entitled to give their rebate back if they wish to do so, but I personally will not as if you do I think this sends out a clear message to the board that the diar mess that we are in is acceptable. 

A fan being appointed on the Board

There is a fair argument that this can possibly be a good idea, however the reason I don''t think this will work is that if we currently have a Dictatorship at the football club who will not listen to 20,000 fans then why would that same Dictatorship then start listening to just 1 fan on the board?

My opinion is that under the current leadership this will never work.

To conclude the only way I can see this football club moving forward once again is for the current owners to drop their unrealistic and ridiculous asking price for NCFC for new owners to come in which I think will only happen through any form of serious and proffessional protest possible to get the current failed Board of Directors removed.

Any responses would be very welcome.    

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