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I have just got of the phone to a "home and away season ticket holder" and he is still very angry at the appointment of Bryan Gunn as our new manager.

I can totally sympathise, because over the last few years he like me has given our Board the benefit of doubt in most cases.

But this appointment for him is the last straw, it proves that the Board seem to be out of touch with its fans. A securitisation loan in itself is in away taking its season ticket holders for granted, if the numbers fell to about 8,000 we would almost certainly have to go into administration.

That a former staunch Board supporter like Peter " Keep The Faith" Woolsey has also stated he has no faith in them just goes to prove that Delia & Michael are losing touch with the supporters. They have tried as hard as anyone, but the truth is they are amateurs and we need professional guidance at Board level.  

But lets look at Gunny''s appointment...a very understated press conference, Delia''s statement " I think it COULD work " and only a one year contract. This is hardly a ringing endorsement for Bryan. Without a  shadow of doubt he is still very much on trial.

But despite all this I do agree with the NCISA saying we should get behind the team next season. Even if you are not a Bryan Gunn supporter we should give the two Ian''s a chance. 

And if we give the team a lot of stick early on Gunny''s demise would be a self - fulfilling prophecy  and that is fair on no one. (It only helps our opponents)

In the bottom half of the table come mid-November then the gloves are off & all this anger will return ten-fold the difference being then, we the supporters will be in a position to do something about it.


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