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Question for the board

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WHY did you not learn from last season''s clear warnings, failing to address any of the problems?

WHY did you not demand that the new manager sort out the attacking options, or rather clear lack of them?

WHY did you not learn from the mistake of hiring a complete Rookie......yes Roeder was mean.. but why then resort to a previous mistake?

WHY did you not invest more in the team since the Prem drop?

WHY did you pay so much for Cureton, who was so clearly a one season wonder?

WHY did you promise us that you would sort things after last season....only to dither and fire fight again this year?


This relegation is not a surprise- we have been free falling for years and NOTHING you said publically yesterday suggests it is going to change soon. All you did was

A) moan that money is ruining football (even though poorer clubs like Swansea seem fine)

B) claim you would be here in Ryman league....gee that thrilled the fans to hear! Refusal to accept failure or what!

Come on...you performance has been DIRE - sort out this mess. THe club is punching SO far below its weight it is an utter embarrassment and heads should hang in shame.

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Vicar, I think some of these very questions might be asked this afternoon, if not answered, at least some of us able to go will have a damn good attempt putting our points to the assembled club staff.

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