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The morning after...

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Last night I thought to myself ''to hell with sitting here depressed, i''ll go out with the boys and get smashed to forget it all''. Knowing full well that I''d probably wake up today with an enormous headache, and the pain of City being relegated will probably have eased.

Yes, I do have an enormous headache but if anything I''m more upset now it''s really sunk in that we''ve been relegated to League 1. I''m gutted, what a joke the last two seasons have been. Nearly relegated last season due to a ridiculous managerial appointment, and then relegated this season due to another catastrophic managerial appointment. In all honesty, our problems go way back, but I am totally gutted.

The words of Delia yesterday have really stuck in my head, "We''ll do the best we possibly can". We''re totally screwed unless someone with some money jumps aboard and invests in our first team. It''s of her own admission that we''re skint, and we are going to struggle to get out of League 1. I am of the opinion that we are really running the risk of losing our football club into League 2 unless we''re invested in heavily over the coming season. The club is slowly going to decline and die a la Grimsby unless we get some sort of investment.

This couldn''t have come at a worse time for the club, the global economy is in tatters, as is our football club. I am absolutely gutted.

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