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Who do you actually want in the squad?

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Out of the current bunch, these are honestly the only players that I feel worthy:-

Gary Doherty

Adam Drury

Alan Lee (on the right wages)

Cody McDonald

Jason Shackell (on the right wages)

Micheal Spillane (going to be hugely important,should have given him 5 years)

Chris Martin (with the right manager kicking him up the ar*e)

Kodey Smith

Luke Daley

Declan Rudd

Sammy Clingan (not going to happen)

Jamie Cureton (on 1k a week with a 4k goal bonus)


The rest of them can p*ss off and are truly unworthy of wearing the Norwich colours. I have never had so much hatred for a Norwich team. We have attracted filthy, greedy, passionless footballers and for that I can only blame Grant and Roeder. These are truly the only players that I believe give a sh*t at all.  That includes Lee Croft, he doesnt want to be here. That is apparent.

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