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16 May 2005 - ''Delia Looks to the Future''

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16 May 2005 - Norwich City Official Web Site - And she said ''''the support given to the club was one of the main reasons to be positive as City begin to plot their way out of the Championship''''!!!

Congratulations Delia, well done, you have achieved it!! You have had four years ,four Managers, the best support in the league, alot of money...........and we are out of the Championship!! Thanks!

Get rid of Neil Doncaster and appoint a new CEO immediately; one that knows what he/she is doing. I''m sure one of our main sponsors (Aviva, Jarrold, Norwich and Peterborough etc, would be able to help in the way of the selection process, knowing how to run succesfull businesses themselves.   

Appoint a Manager with a proven track record. I''ve nothing against Gunny, he''s done his best and would like to thank him for his efforts, but we need someone who already knows ''the job''. We don''t have six months to wait to see if he is good enough.

Look for new investment and go. Not to suit ''your'' requirements; local person/company, all your money back and still a place on the board etc. but for the good of the club. You have had your time and look what we have achieved; financialy a worthless Norwich City Angry [:@]



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