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  1. Sorry, maths not my strong point!! 2% for ten years, total 20%!!
  2. I''ve just been reading the responses on the post ''Season Ticket Questions'' and it got me thinking! First let me say that I do not believe every person on the season ticket waiting list is a glory hunter, only hoping to get a ticket because we are now in the Premiere League. Far from it, I understand that all fans have to start somewhere and that was once me and my Daughter. However, there will be a percentage of people and companies on the waiting list who want a season ticket only because they want to watch Premire Leage Football. In the unlikely event that we get relegated they will be the first to hand back their tickets............until the next time! I was thinking the club could perhaps intoduce a loyalty discount scheme, a bit like a no claims discount on your insurance. Let''s just say the cheapest season ticket next season (in the Prem) is £500 (round figures). As a long term season ticket holder of about ten years I get a discount, 4% per year, 20% in total, so I pay £400. (it would need to be capped at about this level). If you''ve had a season ticket for three years you get a 12% discount and so on. Why? It rewards loyal supporters who have stuck by the club in all leagues, and who will still be there if ever we go back to the Championship. The ''supporters'' who join just to see other Premiere League clubs will have to pay a premium if they join, leave, and join again when times get good again!! The real supporters create the atmosphere at Carrow Road and make the club what it is today, and the football club will need those supporters if things get tough in the future. The danger is that the longer we stay in the Prem, we become another soulless club with no real supporters because they have all been ''priced out''. Just a thought!
  3. Last updated after Forest game!! Has someone lost their job.........or just lost interest?
  4. As the parade is between 6.00 and 7.00pm, I would think that both of the regional news channels will show live clips. Anglia News is between 6.00 and 6.30, but obviously living away you may not be able to get this. BBC Look East is on between 6.30 and & 7.00pm and I know you can get this through Sky; I''m not sure which channel, Sky 982 or 983. Good luck
  5. 16 May 2005 - Norwich City Official Web Site - And she said ''''the support given to the club was one of the main reasons to be positive as City begin to plot their way out of the Championship''''!!! Congratulations Delia, well done, you have achieved it!! You have had four years ,four Managers, the best support in the league, alot of money...........and we are out of the Championship!! Thanks! Get rid of Neil Doncaster and appoint a new CEO immediately; one that knows what he/she is doing. I''m sure one of our main sponsors (Aviva, Jarrold, Norwich and Peterborough etc, would be able to help in the way of the selection process, knowing how to run succesfull businesses themselves.    Appoint a Manager with a proven track record. I''ve nothing against Gunny, he''s done his best and would like to thank him for his efforts, but we need someone who already knows ''the job''. We don''t have six months to wait to see if he is good enough. Look for new investment and go. Not to suit ''your'' requirements; local person/company, all your money back and still a place on the board etc. but for the good of the club. You have had your time and look what we have achieved; financialy a worthless Norwich City    
  6. ''''Bryan Gunn will present his case for staying on as Norwich City manager to the board of directors tomorrow''''.........................The same board that appointed Peter Grant, the same board that appointed Glen Roeder, the same board that appointed Bryan Gunn, the same board that has taken our football club to its lowest point in 50 years and to the brink of administartion!!! This board have proved to us all that they are incapable of making good appointments and decisions.  Please STOP and think before you make another almighty **** up !! We need people on the board who know what they are doing before we appoint anew manager, lets start with a new CEO.
  7. Just a thought !! I have three season tickets and I renewed for next season before the first deadline. My reason for renewing; I love this football club, and can''t imagine not being there on a match day with my kids, whatever division we are in! I have supported NCFC for too many years. I am however very angry at the way the current board have let ''our'' football club sink to the depths it has. I know the blame does not rest with one individual, however our Chief Executive must take the majority of blame for what has happened in recent years and where we find ourselves now........ I won''t go on! If we go down on Sunday, I estimate the club will have to pay back to the season ticket holders who have already renewed about £500k as a rebate for watching League One football. It is something the club can not afford. So............They can keep my £85............as long as ''heads roll'' and we see changes at board level.  Any thoughts? 
  8. When have the current board EVER invested transfer fees received back into the playing squad??Any money received will go towards anything but!
  9. Last games of the season could be a dog fight! Lets hope we don''t have to go to the last game! Sunday, 3 May 2009   Charlton v Norwich, 15:00 Nottm Forest v Southampton, 15:00 Plymouth v Barnsley, 15:00 Swansea v Blackpool, 15:00 Watford v Derby, 15:00    
  10. ND''s quote on the announcement that17,000 season tickets have been renewed. ''''It gives us real security in a time of great economic uncertainty and is a really welcome boost for the club'''' He forgot to add this bit - It ensures Icontinue to get paid a huge sum of money next season: at a time of great uncertainty for many of our loyal supporters......... despite me amd my fellow board members taking the club to the brink of disaster !
  11. No, I dont often post, but when I heard something I thought may be of interest, and the information was from a reliable source (not brown !!) I thought I should. Also, I wasn''t up past my bedtime and I''m not at school, I''ve supported City for 40 years plus. Anyway, I''m sorry but I don''t have any more news. On the pitch - Well done GR and team, very optimistic about 2008/9. Building with cofidence for a good future. A good mix of signings. Top 10 ??  
  12. It''s all kicked off in the boardroom. I don''t know the detail, but hear the divisions are BIG ! All will become clear soon.
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