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Down and out you better believe it!!!!

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For F sake people when will people realise that this once great club is on a downward spiral that will only stop with complete change at board level and new investment but thats just not going to happen with the current finacial trouble, lets face it Delias and the boards mistakes have completely screwed this club for good,we have no chance in league 1 with Delia and Sheriff Gunn at the club,Gunn is no manager and he was just another in a huge list of mistakes made by the board and his heart ruled his head in taking the job on, we the fans have seen the fall coming for some time and the only people to blame are Delia Smith and the board but we are stuck with them and there useless manager and i''m afraid we will just slowly drift into league 2 obscurity over the next few years, we can do nothing to remove the cook it seems and we have to face facts that this club is dead and will never return to the club we deserve and crave, i''m so angry that it has come to this and that still some fools back the cook and the board. league 1...league fecking 1,cheers Delia,Doomy and the board you ****** us totally and you''ve ripped my club apart slowly but surely!!!


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