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Norwich Vs Charlton, any fans to disillusioned that it isn't worth the trip?

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Any fans that don''t think it''s worth going to Charlton I''d beg you to go and give it your all, fans like me who are unlucky enough not to get tickets are trying anything to get tickets. Anyone willing to sell 2/3 or even 4 tickets would be given over face value for such precious seats. I can''t afford to miss out on the most important game in our clubs history. Infact it might be better for me to travel to the Plymouth game and sit in the home stand and give it my all, but all the same, if any is willing/ looking to sell please contact me at


a meeting can be arranged for collection of tickets in or around Norfolk.

Thank you very much for your time.

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Well mate, we''ll definitely try and help you out by beating Barnsley at Home Park on Sunday. Hope you get your tickets and, of course, the right outcome! I''ll be hoping you do.[;)]

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