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Some creativity pleeeeeeeease Nigel!

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I can''t believe that Nigel didn''t even put Bentley on the bench last night. With 20 minutes to go he would have been perfect to come on. Instead we get Hendo coming on who is still very raw or very bad depending on how you wanna look at him! Whenever he recieved the ball he always passed it back again, how frustrating.

Mulryne was on the bench which is a step in the right direction. It''s a shame the Nigel hasn''t tried him yet and with yesterdays game nearing its end Mullers should have been given time to show us his class.

Those two are the type of players needed to do anything in this league and Nigel isn''t really using either of them.

Have we got to the byline all season or played a killer through ball.... The answer is no and without playing clever players we won''t create the chances that surprise premiership defenders. Punts upfield from Gary Holt are not the way forward.

Here is the closest thing we''ve got to a premiership team with class:          Green

    Ed      Flem      SC      Brennan

Jonson   Safri   Mullers/Francis   Hucks



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